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Jehoshua Bruck, Gordon and Betty Moore Professor of Computation and Neural Systems and Electrical Engineering, and colleagues’ paper entitled Rank Modulation for Flash Memories has received the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Best Paper Award in Signal Processing and Coding for Data Storage. Rank modulation is a novel data representation scheme which the group has developed for multilevel flash memory cells. The idea is that a set of cells stores information in the permutation induced by the relative charge levels of the individual cells. As opposed to iterative (and slow) programming in current technology, rank modulation allows fast programming that is based on push-to-the-top operations, namely, raising the charge level of a single cell to be the highest one. Learn More... Patent 10.08.10

Thanos SiapasView a presentation by Athanassios (Thanos) Siapas, Professor of Computation and Neural Systems, on the organization of neuronal activity in the hippocampus and how these activity patterns may support learning and memory formation. [View Presentation] 7.26.10



Erik WinfreeErik Winfree, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Computation and Neural Systems, and Bioengineering, and colleagues from Columbia University, Arizona State University, and the University of Michigan have programmed an autonomous molecular "robot" made out of DNA to start, move, turn, and stop while following a DNA track. The development could ultimately lead to molecular systems that might one day be used for medical therapeutic devices and molecular-scale reconfigurable robots—robots made of many simple units that can reposition or even rebuild themselves to accomplish different tasks. Read More... 5.12.10

Vidhya Navalpakkam, Postdoctoral Scholar in Biology; Christof Koch, Lois and Victor Troendle Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Biology and Professor of Computation and Neural Systems; Antonio Rangel, Associate Professor of Economics; and Pietro Perona, Allen E. Puckett Professor of Electrical Engineering, have found that the brain combines value and visual saliency information rapidly and near-optimally to perform maximal reward harvesting while seeking multiple targets in the environment. This finding has implications for how consumers may make fast choices in shopping displays. Read More... 4.2.10

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