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Caltech-Hebrew University
CNS Exchange Program

The CNS Program has established a formal program of graduate student exchange with the Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation (ICNC) at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. The ICNC is a full-fledged PhD program, very similar to our CNS program, that leads to a PhD in Neural Computation. This will give you the opportunity to spend up to three months in Israel, all paid for by Caltech and the Hebrew University. By any account, their faculty is world class.

Hebrew University CNS Program Faculty:

  • Moshe Abeles
  • Merav Ahissar
  • Roni Agranat
  • Henri Atlan
  • Shlomo Bentin
  • Hagai Bergman
  • Asher Cohen
  • Hanoch Gutfreund
  • David Hansel
  • Benny Hochner
  • Shaul Hochstein
  • Daniel Lehmann
  • Aaron Lewis
  • Israel Nelken
  • Ya'acov Ritov
  • Idan Segev
  • Beeny Shanon
  • Haim Sompolinsky
  • Naftali Tishby
  • Eilon Vaadia
  • Daphna Weinshall
  • Yosef Yarom
  • Ehud Zohary

Both CNS and ICNC have unique strengths that we would seek to capitalize on. Accordingly, we have formalized a student exchange program. Up to five CNS graduate students can spend between one and three months in a laboratory of a ICNC faculty member. Likewise, up to 5 graduate students from ICNC would be associated for a period between one and three months with a particular laboratory in the CNS program. Given the many professional and personal ties we have with these researchers, we are very excited about the possibility and foresee that this graduate student exchange program could expand to include, over time, faculty visits and exchanges and the teaching of joint classes.

More about how the Exchange Program works
Shuki and Christof have the catalogues and course listing describing the research carried out by ICNC faculty. Look them over. If, after consultation with your advisor, you're interested in spending between ONE and THREE months in the laboratory of any one of these researchers, then you need to get in touch with him/her either through your advisor or by yourself. If that professor is agreeable and you have worked out a research plan with them and the timing, then let either Shuki or Christof know. Notice that this program is only meant for second year or higher CNS students in good standing. If more than five CNS students would want to take advantage of this program per year, we have to select a subset of students. We then notify the ICNC that you will be staying for X months in the laboratory of Prof. Y and that's it.

Additional comment: Although almost all Israeli are fluent in English, and all seminars are in English, most of the classes are taught in Hebrew. However, if there is sufficient interest, faculty could teach in English and you could take these classes for credit.

If you have further questions, please contact:

Professor Christof Koch |

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Professor Shuki(Jehoshua) Bruck |


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