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The Computation and Neural Systems degree program is organized jointly by the Division of Biology, the Division of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy. It is the program's objective to provide a broad knowledge of this inherently multidisciplinary field, while at the same time requiring an appropriate depth of knowledge in the particular field of the thesis research.
For example, a student working on cooperative circuits for early visual processing will also develop an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and electrophysiology of early visual areas and a knowledge of visual psychophysics.

A student working on olfactory cortex electrophysiology and its simulation would include the study of concurrent processing and the ethology of olfaction, and the relevant knowledge of dynamical and collective systems.

A student working on the theory of complex systems could study collective and statistical properties of physics as well as the anatomical and algorithmic structure of biological and applied networks.

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