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Thesis title is linked to electronic version if available.


Vineet Augustine
Nueral Architecture Underlying Thirst Regulation

Joun Hong Ryan Cho
Optical Imaging of Dopamine Dynamics and Decoding its Role in Arousal and Salience

Jeffrey Edlund
Numerical Investigation of Spinal Neuron Faciliation with Multi-electrode Epidural Stimulation

Vipul Sunghal
Modeling, Computation, and Characterization to Accelerate the Development of Synthetic Gene Circuits in Cell-Free Extracts


Jaron Colas
Value-Based Decision Making and Learning as Algorithms Computed by the Nervous System

Yong-Jun Lin
Human Duration Perception Mechanisms in the Subsecond Range: Psychophysics and Electroencephalography Investigations

Juri Minxha
Single-Neuron Correlates of Visual Object Representationin the Human Brain: Effects of Attention, Memory and Choice

Luke Urban
An Electrophysical Study of Voluntary Movement and Spinal Cord Injury

Gabriela de Oliveira Penna Tavares
Computation and Comparison of Value Signals in Simple Perceptual and Economic Choices


Rahul Bhui
Essays on Timing and Economic Behavior

Krzysztof Chalupka
Automated Macro-scale Casual Hypothesis Formation Based on Micro-Scale Observation

Akram Sadek
Wireless Nano and Molecular Scale Neural Interfacing

Yanan Sui
Online Learning for the Control of Human Standing via Spinal Cord Stimulation


Yazan Billeh
Functional, Clustered, Feedforward, and Mesoscale Brain Networks

Bo Chen
Quantum of Vision

Simon Dunne
Neural and Hormonal Systems Underlying Human Reward-Seeking Behavior

Gideon Nave
Mechanisms Underlying Economic Choice

Soyoung Park
Connectivity and Function of the Primate Insula

Britton Sauerbrei
Firing Patterns of Cerebellar Purkinje Cells During Locomotion and Sleep


Laura Anne Harrison
Real-World Social Cognition: Context Effects in Face and Threat Processing

Andreas Hoenselaar
The Structure of Hippocampal Activity During REM Sleep

Daniel Ciarán McNamee
Neural and computational representations of decision variables

Boris Revechkis
Neural Prosthetics and Parietal Cortex

Zakary Singer
Metastability and Dynamics of Stem Cells: From Direct Observations to Inference at the Single Cell Level

Niranjan Srinivas
Programming chemical kinetics: engineering dynamic reaction networks with DNA strand displacement

Noelle Stiles
Behavioral and fMRI Measures of Crossmodal Plasticity Induced by Auditory Sensory Substitution

Nicolette Sullivan
The Neurocomputational Basis of Self-Control Success and Failure

Teagan Rose Wall
Effects of TI-299423 on Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors


Virgil Griffith
Qyantifying Synergistic Information

Shabnam Hakimi
Characterization of the Neural Mechanisms Supporting the Implementation of
Cognitive Control in Human Decision Making

Xiaodi Hou
Computational Modeling and Psychophysics in Low- and Mid-Level Vision

Lauren LeBon
The Logic of Receptor-Ligand Interactions in the Notch Signaling Pathway

Debajyoti Ray
Efficient Methods for Empirical Tests of Behavioral Economics Theories in
Laboratory and Field Experiments

Rangoli Sharan
Formal Methods for Control Synthesis in Partially Observed Environments:
Application to Autonomous Robotic Manipulation

Marie Patricia Suver
Octopamine Neurons Mlediate Flight-Induced Modulation of Visual Processing in Drosophila mdanogaster

Shuo Wang
Social Saliency: Visual Psychophysics and Single-Neuron Recordings in Humans

Daniel Karl Wilhelm (MS)

Shcngxuan Ye (MS)


Nadine L. Dabby
Synthetic Molecular Machines for Active Self-Assembly: Prototype Algorithms, Designs, and Experimental Study

Julien Dubois
Studying Conscious and Unconscious Vision with fMRI: the BOLD Promise

Gregory S. Griffin
Learning and Using Taxonomies for Visual and Olfactory Classification

Sina Tootoonian
On the Analysis and Design of the Locust Olfactory System

Peter Thomas Weir
Polarization-based Navigation in Drosophila

Charlotte Ling Yang (MS)

Dionysios Barmpoutis
Network structure optimization with applications to minimizing variance and crosstalk

Ronald Bryan

William Ford
I. Quantal Effects in Biochemical Cooperativity and a Proposed Mechanism for the Differentiation of Calcium Signaling in Synaptic Plasticity. II. Evolutionary Algorithms for the Optimization of Methods in Computational Chemistry

Joseph Levine
Genetic Regulatory Circuit Dynamics: Analysis and Synthesis

Alice Lin
Neural and behavioral investigations of social reward processing

Christin Montz (MS)

Matthew J. Nelson
Understanding and applying extracellular recordings in awake, behaving animals

Jason Tyler Rolfe
Intrinsic gradient networks

Robert Chess Abernathy Stetson
Interaction of planning regions in cortex

Nils Peter Egon Welinder
Hybrid human-machine vision systems: image annotation using crowds, experts and machines

Ryan Gomes
Towards Open Ended Learning: Budgets, Model Selection, and Representation

Merrielle Spain
Modeling and Predicting Object Attention in Natural Scenes

John Delacruz (MS)
Reliability and Functional Connectivity of Projection Neurons in the Locust Antennal Lobe

Klaus Wunderlich
Multiple Forms of Valuation in the Human Brain

Kai Shen
Olfactory Object Identification and Generalization in the Insect Brain

Anusha Narayan
Transfer at C. Elegans Synapses

Dirk Neuman
Connectivity of the Brain from Magnetic Resonance Imaging

David Yu Zhang
Dynamic DNA Strand Displacement Circuits

Ming Gu

Rajan Bhattacharyya
Egocentric Distance Encoding in the Posterior Parietal Cortex

Signe Bray

Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Influence of Associative Learning on Valuation and Decision-Making in Humans

Moran Cerf

Competition and Attention in the Human Brain Eye-Tracking and Single-Neuron Recordings in Healthy Controls and Individuals with Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders

Hilary Glidden

Tracker Effector-Specific and Motor Planning Signals in human Frontal and Parietal Cortices: Relevance for Goal-Directed Action and Neural Prosthetics

Alexander Huth

Casimir Wierzynski
Grant Mulliken
Continuous Sensorimotor Control Mechanisms in Posterior Parietal Cortex: Forward Model Encoding and Trajectory Decoding

Ueli Rutishauser

Learning and Representation of Declarative Memories by Single Neurons in the Human Brain

David Soloveichik

Molecules Computing: Self-Assembled Nanostructures, Molecular Automata, and Chemical Reaction Networks

Jonathan Young
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Ulrik Beierholm
Bayesian modeling of sensory cue combinations

Michael Campos
Eye movements and reward, sequential states, and context-dependent target selection

Carl Gold

Biophysics of extracellular action potentials

Alan Hampton

Model-based decision making in the human brain

Alex Holub
Discriminative vs. generative object recognition: objects, faces, and the web

Vivek Jayaraman
Group leader, Janelia Farm Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Neural circuit dynamics and ensemble coding in the locust and fruit fly olfactory system

Farshad Moradi

Conscious awareness determined by selective gating of information in early visual areas

Dylan Nieman

Postdiction and the effects of spatial, temporal, and feature compatibility on sensory integration

Kerstin Preuschoff

Neural representations of expected reward and risk during gambling

Michael Reiser
Group leader, Janelia Farm Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Visually mediated control of flight in Drosophila: not lost in translation

Rebecca Schulman

The Self-Replication and Evolution of DNA Crystals

Tracy Teal

Studies of the spatial organization of metabolism in Shewanella oneidensis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms

Stephen Waydo

Explicit object representation by sparse neural codes
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Bjorn Christianson
Information processing in the interaural time difference pathway of the barn owl

David Allan Drummond

Misfolding dominates protein evolution

Ania Mitros

A compact system for self-motion estimation

Patricia A. Neil

Development of audiovisual integration in human infants: the effects of spatial and temporal congruency and incongruency on response latencies

Eric Slimko
Selective Silencing of Vertebrate Neurons: Strategies Using Invertebrate Ligand-Gated Ion Channels

Dirk Walther

Beckman Fellow, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Interactions of visual attention and object recognition : computational modeling, algorithms, and psychophysics
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Stephanie Chow
Speciation in digital organisms

Matthew Cook
Oberassistent, Institute of Neuroinformatics, Zurich
Networks of relations

Evan Dorn
Universal biosignatures for the detection of life

Ofer Mazor

Neural dynamics and population coding in the insect brain

Daniella Meeker

Cognitive neural prosthetics: brain machine interfaces based in parietal cortex

Saleem Mukhtar
Interval modulation: a new paradigm for the design of high speed optical communication systems

Lavanya Reddy

Leila Reddy

Attention and the processing of natural stimuli: psychophysics, fMRI and single unit recordings in the human brain

Naotsugu Tsuchiya
Attention and awareness : visual psychophysics and aversive conditioning in humans
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Javier Perez-Orive
Neural oscillations and the decoding of sensory information

Rob J. Peters
Visual attention and object categorization: from psychophysics to computational models
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Grace Chang
Neural representation of surface ordering in visual Areas V1, V2 and MT
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David Dubowitz
Professor of Radiology, University of California, San Diego
Functional magnetic resonance imaging in rhesus macaque monkeys

Adam Hayes
Self-organized robotic system design and autonomous odor localization

Gabriel Kreiman
Assistant Professor, Childrens Hospital, Boston
Neural coding and feature extraction of time-varying signals

Anthony Leonardo
Fellow, Janellia Farm Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Neural dynamics underlying complex behavior in a songbird

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Ben Arthur
Senior Software Engineer, Janelia Farm, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Neural computations leading to space-specific auditory responses in the barn owl

Daniel Fain
Kinematic measurement and feature sets for automatic speech recognition

Yukiyasu Kamitani

Psychobiophysics of transcranial magnetic stimulation

Fidel Santamaria-Perez
Assistant Professor, University of Texas, San Antonio
Processing of mossy fiber activity in the cerebellar cortex: a combination of computer modeling and electrophysiological experiments

Michael Vanier

Realistic computer modeling of the mammalian olfactory cortex

Katsumi Watanabe
Crossmodal interaction in humans
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Christine Chee-Ruiter
The biological sense of smell: olfactory search behavior and a metabolic view for olfactory perception

Jason Davis

Heather Dean (MS)

Michael Gibson

Computational methods for stochastic biological systems

Luis Goncalves

Automatic observation and synthesis of human motion

Reid Harrison
Associate Professor, University of Utah
An analog VLSI motion sensor based on the fly visual system

Laurent Itti
Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Southern California
Models of bottom-up and top-down visual attention

Sanza Kazadi

Swarm engineering

David Kewley (MS)

Amit Manwani

Information-theoretic analysis of neuronal communication

John Pezaris
Research Fellow Harvard Medical School
Response of multiple simultaneously recorded macaque area LIP neurons in a memory saccade task

David Rosenbluth

Eye position modulation of visual cortex and the sensory set hypothesis

Markus Weber

Unsupervised learning of models for object recognition

JiaJun Wen

What you can see outside the focus of attention
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Aaron Batista
Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh
Contributions of parietal cortex to reach planning

Carlos Herrera

Ari Hershowitz (MS)

Elizabeth-Ching Ho

Multiple mechanisms of apparent motion perception

Jennifer Linden

Assistant Porfessor, University College, London
Responses to auditory stimuli in macaque lateral intraparietal area

Mark O'Dell

Charles Ofria
Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Evolution of genetic codes

Sam Roweis

Data driven production models for speech processing

Maneesh Sahani
Assistant Professor, University College, London
Latent variable models for neural data analysis

Micah Siegel

Genetically engineered sensors of cell signaling

Randall Spangler
Rule-based analysis and generation of music
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Alejandro Backer (MS; Bio Ph.D. 2002)
Pattern recognition in the olfactory system of the locust: Priming, gain control and coding issues

Vasken Bohossian
Neural logic: theory and implementation

Michael Levene

Assistant Professor, Yale University
Optics in neural computation

Willian Press

Effects of spatial attention on macaque primary visual cortex

Joseph Sill
Monotonicity and connectedness in learning systems

Michael Wehr
Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
Oscillatory sequences of firing in the locust olfactory system: mechanisms and functional significance

Erik Winfree
Associate Professor, California Institute of Technology
Algorithmic self-assembly of DNA
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Carlos Brody-Pellicer
Professor, Molecular Biology, Princeton
Analysis and modeling of spike train correlations in the lateral geniculate nucleus

Paul Hasler
Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
Foundations of learning in analog VLSI

Gary R. Holt

A critical reexamination of some assumptions and implications of cable theory in neurobiology

Shih-Chii Liu

Assistant Professor in Neuroinformatics, ETH Zuerich
Neuromorphic models of visual and motion processing in the fly visual system

Bradley Minch
Assistant Professor,  Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
Analysis, synthesis, and implementation of networks of multiple-input translinear elements

Rahul Sarpeshkar

Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Efficient precise computation with noisy components: extrapolating from an electronic cochlea to the brain

Martin Stemmler

Information maximization and stochastic resonance in single neurons
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Tom Annau
Models of visual feature detection and spike coding in the nervous system

Wyeth Bair

Research Fellow, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford, UK
Analysis of temporal structure in spike trains of visual cortical area

Kwabena Boahen
Associate Professor, Stanford University
Retinomorphic vision systems: reverse engineering the vertebrate retina

Timothy Horiuchi
Professor, University of Maryland
Analog VLSI-based, neuromorphic sensorimotor systems: modeling the primate oculomotor system

Christopher Kolb

Two themes in perceptual ecology: visual attention and awareness

Michael Lewicki
Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Computer Science and Neural Basis of Cognition

Ray Chiang-Shan Li

Macaque lateral intraparietal area and oculomotor behaviorsMarcus Mitchell

Marcus Mitchell
Dynamical simulation and control of articulated limbs

Josee Morissette
Plasticity in mammalian somatosensory cerebellar maps

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Vance Carl Bjorn (MS)

Kurt Fleischer
A multiple-mechanism developmental model for defining self-organizing geometric structures

Humbert Suarez

Modeling motion detection in striate visual cortex using massive excitatory feedback

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Mohammad Naraghi Bagherpour (MS)

Ronald Benson
Analog VLSI supervised learning system

Hsiaolan Hsu
Properties of the first Genetically Engineered Neuron

Michelle Mahowald

VLSI analogs of neuronal visual processing: a synthesis of form and function

Sylvie Ryckebusch

The central nervous control of walking in the locust

Bruno A. Olshausen
Associate Professor, Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute and School of Optometry, UC Berkeley
Neural routing circuits for forming invariant representations of visual objects

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Jan Ojvind Bernander
Synaptic Integration and its Control in Neocortical Pyramidal Cells

Alan Blanchard
Sequence specific effects on the incorporation of dideoxynucleotides by a modified T7 polymerase

Tobias Delbruck
Assistant Professor in Neuroinformatics, ETH Zuerich
Investigations of analog VLSI visual transduction and motion processing

Milan Jovovic

Adam Strassberg
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Brooke Anderson
Various algorithms for optimization and learning in adaptive systems

David MacKay
Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department of Energy and Climate Change; Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of Cambridge, UK
Bayesian methods for adaptive models

Andrew Moore
Spatial filtering in tone reproduction and vision
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Chong Chen (MS)

Stephen DeWeerth

Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Analog VLSI circuits for sensorimotor feedback

John G. Harris
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida
Analog models for early vision

Matthew Wilson
Professor of Neurobiology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
An analysis of olfactory cortical behavior and function using computer simulation techniques
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Roberto Battiti
Professor of Information Science, University of Trento, Italy
Multiscale methods, parallel computation, and neural networks for real-time computer vision
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